Outreach & Teaching

Outreach Overhaul at Northwestern:

I'm in the process of leading an overhaul at Northwestern University of our K-12 outreach program. This new program serves to (1) spark interest and intrigue in young students, (2) bolster their everyday role models (their teachers!) and (3) provide opportunities in the form of research experience and mentorship at Northwestern.

I believe everyone has something to offer in the form of outreach, and I work to creatively find the cross section between my coworkers' hobbies and their academic interests to bridge separations between STEM and the arts. The most genuine efforts come from the heart!

I help other students, postdocs, and faculty express, mentor, and inspire using their interests in graphic design, data visualization, science fiction, visual art, trivia, and well... science!

Can't Help It!

Whether it's journal club, invited talks, research updates, or high school conversations, I love creating fun presentations. Over the years my themes have ranged from comic books to restaurant posters. I take inspiration from board games, psychedelic lava lamps, Lisa Frank school supplies, and one of my favorite books: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

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Favorite Program:

I absolutely love getting mail. Naturally, my favorite activity to participate in is Letters to a Pre-Scientist. For an entire year, I get loads of awesome drawings from a young pre-scientist, and they always get dibs on my sticker collection!

Other Fun:

My own interest in astronomy stemmed from wandering through gorgeous textbooks. It has been my immense privilege in recent years to edit several chapters of the textbook At Play in the Cosmos, by Adam Frank. (Which also comes with its own videogame!!!)