Dr. Lindsay DeMarchi

U.S. Congressional Fellow | Astrophysics Researcher | Space Environmentalist | Artistic Consultant | Dark Sky Enthusiast | Chicago IDA Co-Founder | AstroBites Author

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I am obsessed with secrets and death- particularly the secrets of stellar death! Central to these fascinations is the role gravity plays in the process. 

While gravity has captured the heart of my research, I most often channel my degree and public speaking to shape the future of space policy. I am an IEEE Fellow in Congress in the office of CO Senator John Hickenlooper, working on all things space and nature!

In my free time, I serve on the AAS Committee for the Protection of Astronomy and the Space Environment (COMPASSE), and the IAU CPS. Ask me how to turn your love of space into a meaningful stewardship! 

Or, if you're looking for something more creative, join me and my friends in setting our imaginations on the edges of deep space together!

There is space for you. :)

Personal Philosophy:

The philosophy of my teaching, outreach, and research is one focused on accessibility. This has broad-ranging implications, from advocating for multilingualism in academic journals, to making higher-level physics intuitive and relatable to all. I believe in the power of effective writing, engaging the imagination, and encouraging multidisciplinary creativity in the face of over-specialization.

I believe many of us in academia have had the immense privilege of hearing, "You can do it!" in one way or another, and we should make it our mission to do the same for those around us. This over time inspires continued involvement, fosters safety and acceptance, and welcomes those new to the field we are currently changing. I believe anyone who understands the vastness of the universe and our small role in it can appreciate how rare is our earth and how precious are those around us. Science does not happen in a vacuum, and in our day to day it is simply "good science" to compassionately consider one another's experiences and stand in solidarity.