Space Environmentalism

Andromeda Galaxy and Satellite Streaks, taken by Kees Scherer from the Leader-Telegram Astronomy Update from the Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society.

Space is no longer beyond our grasp- and we must be careful how we hold it.

I have dedicated my career to a life in space environmentalism, or stewardship for nature as it extends into our Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), the nearby solar system, and beyond. I am currently an IEEE Science and Technology fellow in the office of Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) for this reason!

The sky is our shared cultural heritage. And it's easy to be excited about your own relationship to space! I mean, look at those stars! Yet, as a society, we are still grappling with how to interact with Nature in this capacity.

Below are a few articles I've written you can explore! 

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Space IS Nature!

Space and Environmental Policy

Industry, science, environmentalism, and policy are coming together like never before as human activity occupies more of the solar system. It's my supreme honor to work on some space legislation in this realm. Here are some of the cool things I'm thinking about every day: