About Me

About Me

I am most known for my loud laugh (I've heard it penetrates walls) and my stylistic presentations. (It is my dream to some day give a TED talk!)

I love 50's style diners, my cats, the Brontë sisters, Buddy Holly, podcast horror anthologies, and assemblage art (taping junk together). I am a magnet for ugly clothing. I like to longboard, snowboard, and sandboard, and when I'm not working, I'm travelling to concerts.

I began my journey to physics through poetry. Both are humanity's attempt to encapsulate the unknown, yet both often require an appreciation for the details to unlock the bigger picture. In poetry, each word has its associations that culminate in a composite image of dynamic expression. To the same effect, physicists call on a lexicon of physical laws and relative relationships to capture an event and its contextual implications. In the end, they both provide a deeper appreciation for nature, and so here I am!

Go Ask Alice!

Myself, a forensic scientist named Drew Bader, and a fellow astrophysicist Sara Webb co-produce, perform, write, and yell a fun-fact podcast called Go Ask Alice. We start on the same Wikipedia page every week and navigate by hyperlinks until we find something fascinating. Then, we tell you all about it, interspersed with laughter. Reality is SO much stranger than fiction...

*** note: not suitable for young audiences!